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Waiomu to Kauaeranga

masonbee Coromandel

There is a bit of a gap in the ridge-line tracks after Coromandel and the next piece starts halfway up the Tapu-Coroglen road. I went to isite in Coromandel in the morning though and one of the woman said that instead of going up there you could go to Waiomu and walk up from there.

I probably should have caught the bus from Coromandel but instead I decided to hitch. It took ages. It was about twelve thirty by the time I reached Waiomu and since I had a pizza at the cafe there it was about quarter past one when I started the track.

The track is very nice. It winds up through the bush until it reaches one of the largest kauri stands in Coromandel. On the way I met a man with a camera who said the last part of the track with the stairs was quite steep. I didn't find them steep at all. Unfortunately for me that is were the easy part of the Waiomu Valley Tramping track ends and the rest  is a lot steeper and harder as it heads for the Crosbies Main Ridge Tramping track. Usually I find I bet the DOC tramping times but in this case three hours meant three hours.

The Main Ridge track was far easier in comparison but it still meant I didn't reach Crosbies hut until about five thirty. I was thinking of staying there although I had booked a campsite in the Kauaeranga valley but when I turned up there was a young couple there from Christchurch. It's one of those things that happens quite often with huts. You think you have it all to yourself and then someone turns up at the end of the day. Anyway, I took pity on them and carried on.

I almost turned back when I got to the next signpost which stated four hours down to the valley. That would have meant I would run out of light. I had filled up with water at the hut though so I figured if I didn't make it then I could just camp in the bush. One of the benefits of carrying everything you need I suppose.

I arrived at camp about an hour before dark, got more water, setup camp and had noodles for dinner.