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What started as a site to separate out my investigations of Suzie Dawson's claims and political activities has gradually widened until it has become a whistle-blowing site on the activities of Internet Party New Zealand (IPNZ). This is a good.. Hopefully it will encourage the current Executive of IPNZ to be more open, follow the Constitution more carefully, provide better governance and stop, in my point of view, ignoring New Zealand.

The site now raises questions about such issues as,

These are serious questions, and it should be remembered that none of the Executive have been charged or even investigated for a crime. For many of these things I doubt anyone ever would or could be. There is, however, an abundance of dispute between the communications of Executive members and past Executive members and a multitude of questions that have been raised about the current Executives activities.

In a chronological order of events probably the best way to read through it is,

You will note I don't use my real name. This is because I am not a public figure and have little wish to be one. However, I am not hiding. There is more than enough in my actual website to give my name away if it isn't there in plain text already. Damned if I want it associated with the actions of the current Executive though.

As always, if you find something that is inaccurate or wish to add additional information please add it in the comments and I will adjust things if I need to,

Mason Bee

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