Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud.

A year later…

It has now been well over a year since I wrote “Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud”. The Internet Party website now redirects to an Archive.org web page and is essentially closed down. It looks like there was no assassination attempt or believable proof of many of her other claims. Unity4J stands accused of promoting fascism by multiple Julian Assange supporters. Fred Look was never paid back the money she borrowed from him. Worse, she apparently didn’t even need the money.

Meanwhile, Miss Dawson has been involved in multiple online attacks on Internet Party, Julian Assange and Wikileaks supporters. Calling people stalkers and/or intimating they were undercover agents in equal measure. She has also attacked probably the top whistle blower protection lawyer in the United States and “used her clients names to advance her grift” (Snowden, etc…). Just to top it off, in response to my writing of this article about her (my first critical article about her), she used New Zealand’s Harmful Digital Communications Act to try and ban me from writing about her, claiming harassment and “serious emotional distress”. It appears one of the distressful parts was that I had the number of people in the Executive wrong by two. I have amended that. The rest of the article stands.

I would implore people who are thinking of supporting Suzie Dawson in any way to do some research first. It isn’t hard to find instances where her credibility comes into serious question without much effort. Instances like why was she asking for money after selling a house for $780,000? Why does she send her donations from her current campaign to New Zealand, a country that presumably tried to kill her? Why did she keep repeatedly driving the same way up north, after the supposed assassination attempt, when there were two other ways she could have gone? There are many more

As far as I can see, the Internet Party is dead now. Miss Dawson has also removed it from her profile. And that is that. Unfortunately, she has gathered a lot of money while using the Party’s name and imagery, made wild unproven accusations, viciously attacked people, gained many followers and gotten away with it because people were too scared to say that the empress wore no clothes. In some ways I am responsible for this. I should have acted sooner instead of trusting her and the executive and giving them over half a year to sort the Party out. Sorry.

Please ask questions and look a little deeper than the answer. But, be prepared to be attacked. Here are a few things I have uncovered over the last year. Also, don’t just believe me. There are links at the bottom to other articles from other people. And if you have a question, ask it. I will do my best to answer.

Original Article

Suzie Dawson (or Suzi3D) is an activist and journalist who is currently the President of Internet Party New Zealand (IPNZ) who has sought asylum in Russia after the New Zealand and other governments broke into her house, tampered with her car, interfered with her relationships and communications, her bank account, targeted her physically, physically endangered her, physically and digitally stalked her around the world, and attempted to assassinate her multiple times.

According to Suzie this happened because her investigations of the Intelligence Agencies were reaching a larger audience and it wasn’t until she got outside NATO (and presumably Five Eyes) countries that there were no longer teams of people stalking her and “crazy and oppressive stuff” happening.

Really. That is in her own words. It’s quite a hefty amount of failed government persecution going on by multiple governments.

Are you getting the idea? The reason I am writing this is because I know Suzie Dawson from IPNZ. It isn’t a good relationship. She would say I am abusive and I would say she is a fraudster gathering money under the guise of the Party whilst promoting the Suzie Dawson brand by association.

Some background…

When she first joined the executive I had some high hopes. I thought she was talented, and she is. But soon the other Executives started leaving. There were rumours of Suzie offering people money when there was none. Fred, Miriam, Bill, Sarah, Chris all left before the Election. Eventually, there was only Suzie Dawson, Blake Bedford-Palmer, Colin Smith, Bruce King, Jo Booth (interim secretary) and Daymond Goulder-Horobin who were elected out of ten possible positions.

Over the next year Suzie took the Party in a new direction which was the fight for Julian Assange via Unity4J. Probably a marvelous idea for her. She is paid by donations and writing. Not good for the IPNZ though. Not good at all. If I was the GCSB, I would be sending Miss Dawson a personal thank you letter. It was the downfall of IPNZ in New Zealand.

For instance, in the election of 2017 the IPNZ got 499 votes with Suzie at the helm. That failure was put down to the speed at which the leadership had changed and media blackout. We did however need more members (You need 500 registered New Zealand members to be a political party). Nothing was done and the party was later deregistered. At the last AGM I believe there were around twelve people. Nobody stood for executive (Presumably because nobody wanted to work with Suzie. That was certainly one of my reasons) and since then nothing appears to have happened.

2017 AGM recording.

So when Suzie presents herself as the President of IPNZ, it might be an idea to remember that she is talking about a Party that has essentially done nothing in New Zealand under her leadership except lose most of it’s members.

IPNZ under Suzie Dawson

I mean it when I say nothing has happened. In the two years since the 2017 election in New Zealand,

  • The website has not been updated in any major way.
  • The policies have not been updated.
  • The policy incubator (Loomio) is no longer usable.
  • There have been two notices to members.
  • There has been no push for New Zealand members.
  • The Party has submitted on one Bill in Parliment?
  • It has failed to submit on multiple Bills directly affecting Party objectives such as the Privacy Bill.
  • The last press release was 17/09/2017.
  • The last official stream was 17/09/2017.

To me, it looks as though Suzie Dawson has tried to use IPNZ as a vehicle to legitimise herself, not too benefit the Party or New Zealand. But whatever her motives, IPNZ has been dead in the water since she has controlled it.

So how did IPNZ go so far off track under Suzie Dawson?

She just ignored the Constitution. It specifies exactly what the objectives of the executive are and under Suzie Dawson’s leadership the Executive has blatantly ignored those objectives and the health of the Party to focus on Unity4J. To be blunt, helping Julian Assange may be a worthy fight for the Party, but it is not covered in the Constitution. They probably won’t win the battle but they have already lost the war.

The second reason that IPNZ has gone off track is that it no longer does anything. Miss Dawson says that she is moving heaven and earth for the Party but when you look at it she hasn’t done anything for the Party, just herself.

For instance, she has pointed to her journalism as proof of how she is working for the Party. But that isn’t officially endorsed Party material. It is just her getting clicks to her website. Not the same thing. A fact the Party Secretary agrees with. According to him, the only official Internet party material is the matter approved by the secretary.

But really……..who cares?

I do, but this wasn’t written to make you care. This was written as a warning for people and groups who support Suzie Dawson. Look at what has happened to IPNZ while being involved with her. Is this the sort of person you want to associate with and is this the effect you want her to have on your organisation. Read the first couple of paragraphs again. Those are her words.

And that stuff at the top does seem nuts when you join it all together like that, but I don’t think she is nuts. I think she is very smart and is making a living off telling people what they want to hear while trying to create her own myth. But the myth just doesn’t sound as good when you list it as it starts to look more like lies.

Some questions instead

I think everybody should start asking questions about her story and the outcomes of her methods instead of just accepting them blindly. Questions like,

  • Which governments did these things to you?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> break into your house and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> tamper with your car and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> interfere with your relationships and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> interfere with your communications and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> interfere with your bank account and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> target you physically and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> endanger you physically and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> physically stalk you around the world and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> digitally stalk you around the world and do you have any proof?
  • When, where and how did <insert government> attempt to assassinate you and do you have any proof?
  • How many New Zealand members does IPNZ have?
  • What article caused governments to send assassins after you?
  • Show us the proof! (OK, that is a statement.)

I would continue but I am sure everybody gets the idea. I can even imagine some of the answers that will come up with. That she is one of the people spied on by the GCSB in New Zealand has been commonly used.

And she might well have been. But, the problem with an answer like that is that while it is possibly true it is also based on things like two degrees of separation meaning that most of New Zealand would have been spied on. She seems to like tying things together so she looks like she was targeted personally. It is more likely that no-one in the government security services had ever heard of or cares about her.

So, is Suzie Dawson really the survivor of multiple governments harassment and assassination attempts because of her journalism…….. or probably not? Personally, I call bullshit.

In the interests of full disclosure…

In the above I have accused Suzie Dawson of fraud. I have in fact done so with the Party Secretary and no reply has been received as yet. It has now been a month.

The letter is below,

I believe Suzie has defrauded the Internet Party by soliciting funds using it’s name and imagery to give the impression that she is collecting for the Party and not passing those funds to the party. There is an image attached, you can see on the left that she names herself President, @InternetPartyNZ above a request for donations. Also note the purple colours and the Candidate in TV image which was used in the last election.

(It should be said that as the Internet Party doesn’t have a bitcoin address on it’s donate page perhaps the address 1JehB3FTrGkjc4AzJGNHsnbYdE75hRVmnU is in fact owned by the party in which case this accusation would be withdrawn.)

Secondly, I believe she has brought the Party into disrepute by using the deaths of 49 people in Christchurch to promote her website while using the Internet Party name and imagery. You can refer to the same screen-shot as above. She uses the deaths of the people and media questions about why they weren’t on known to Intel and then pretends to have the answer by linking to a story she wrote previously.

In relation to the entire executive I wish to lodge an official complaint that they have contravened the objectives of the Internet Party NZ through inaction.

There are definite problems with the Party, the greatest of which is membership and the executive has done little to nothing about it. Pasted below are the objectives of the Internet Party. You will notice that nearly all of them refer to in New Zealand. You will also notice that in order to achieve these objectives the the Internet Party will strive to elect competent individuals to the New Zealand Parliament. None of this is happening.

I urge you to act but realise that if you do refer the complaint then it will be to the very people the complaint is against. Interesting situation. But not my problem.

Part of a complaints letter to the Internet Party Secretary, Jo Booth.
Suzie Dawson fraud and disrepute accusations
Less than 24hrs after the Christchurch mosque shootings Suzie Dawson uses them to promote her article and herself as a victim.

Why do I think she is fraudulent?

I am going to use the first link that DDG gives me by searching for fraud definition. This one. There are a couple of different meanings listed but the first ones are;

  • intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right.
  • an act of deceiving or misrepresenting.

I believe that Miss Dawson is intentionally perverting the truth when she talks about her past and I think she is outright lying about at least some of it in order to gain reputation.

I believe that she has deceived or misrepresented herself to people in the above screen-shot by using IPNZ election imagery of herself, identifying herself as the IPNZ President and then asking for bitcoin donations without specifying that they are for her and not IPNZ.

Finally, I believe she is misrepresenting herself to the world when she says she is the President at IPNZ. As President how is she fulfilling the objectives of the Constitution? This is essentially the same argument as above, if you represent yourself as the President of IPNZ then you have to be doing so in order to further the objectives of IPNZ.

(Curiously, right after linking to this the Internet Party Secretary replied confirming the bit-coin account is not the Internet Party’s and that anything posted without an ‘Authorised by…’ statement is not official. )

Image use

The image used in the header of this post is from the IPNZ website and is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand License.

(I should also say that if Suzie wishes to rebut any of the accusations or answer any of the questions below then she can do so in the comments and if I believe them to be correct then I will correct the error. I will not accept links to long pieces of diatribe though. If you have to link then do so directly to the proof and copy and paste the sentence. If it isn’t clear proof then I won’t accept it.)

Further Reading

From myself;

From others;

9 thoughts on “Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud.”

  1. IMHO there are more fraudulent events in Suzies leadership of the IP

    1 raising contracts that were unauthorized and for which the party did not have funds to cover

    2 raising invoices after the event to pay off those contracts out of the broadcasting allocation for work that was either not done or unnecessary in the first place

    3 continuing to contest the election after the party numbers had fallen below 500 members

    4 failing to declare her leadership in a timely manner and completely failing to campaign for membership renewals when required

    • OK, so in that list which one’s are there proof of? If we have proof of somethign then it needs to come into the light. I have tried to get the Executive to follow the Constitution over the past year and to face up to (at the very least) the failures of Suzie3d in Discords private Party members forum and have been ignored, etc… Even my complaint of fraud to the Party Secretary was ignored until I posted the above and told them that I was. Within days I had a reply.

      So what I propose is that we gather all the accusations and proof in one public place so that others can at least make an informed decisions when dealing with her. But there has to be proof. Otherwise we are no better than what she is.

      Is there any chance you could contact the other members of the Executive and get them to write about their dealings with Dawson so we can post them here?

  2. ahhh Your obsession with “proof” is both touching and misguided.
    you yourself have taken care to set your post as “opinion” as did I “IMHO”

    when you boil it down there almost never is “proof” of fraudulent activities (did they know, intend, fraud)

    on the other had the actual events are fact and I stand by them
    and in each case an argument of plausible deniability could be made that fraud was not intended. I do not intend to enter into such argument . my informed opinion is just that!

    all we can hope to do here is set out facts such as we know them and hope that this gives others some context should they encounter suzie.

    I also suggest that a google search of “suzie dawson” may also provide other context

    • A Google search of Suzie Dawson just returns the usual crap. Just getting people to ask some questions would be good. Anyway, lets get all the stuff together, figure out what is provable, post it and then I’ll go and update the Wikipedia page for the Party and her page so people don’t just get her version of events in the Internet Party without questioning them.

      So please, bring it all out and can we contact the past executives as well to get their history of Dawsons dealings.

      • And along that theme. When Loomio was shut down last time we I started the Iris Café in order to continue communications. If anyone has anything they wish to discuss that they don’t feel comfortable doing in this format they can access the resurrected Iris Café at this sites HumHub instance.


  3. I have a file called “Sarah, her word copy of contract” which refers to a weekly fee of NZ$2025 per week pro rata for 32 weeks. I do not have a pdf of this signed, and I cannot remember my password into that encrypted e-mail that we used … although could if I tried harder. Do you want my word copy? it was possibly attached to an e-mail from someone at some stage which I could dig up. Sorry, am somewhat under the pump just at the moment. Can dig further given time 🙂

    • Yes,that sounds interesting. Could you write something for context as well if it isn’t self explanatory. For instance does it refer to Sarah Illingworth? No hurry, but it would be good to have all these things out in the open. Thank you.


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