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Suzie Dawson - The quick version!

masonbee Suzie Dawson

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After seeing Suzie Dawsons actions in Internet Party New Zealand, and looking into her past, there are certain themes that keep reoccurring.

What she says was done to her, and what she does, doesn't make sense.

She makes all sorts of accusations about how she was targeted, all the way up to and including attempted assassination... but then shows no proof. This is very strange for someone who claims to be a journalist. Where are the photos, timestamps, police records, letters complaining to or requesting information from government ministers?

She says that she was doxed* and yet her address was public information at the time because she placed it there herself along with her previous addresses. Yet there are reports that her followers have called for the doxing of people who disagree with them.

(*Doxing or doxxing is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information about an individual or organization.)

She claims that the security services have persecuted her and yet, as President of Internet Party New Zealand, has led no actions to counter them. The closest she ever came was as Leader of the Internet Party with the #AntiSpyBill events but, as far as I know, no anti-spy bill has ever been produced.

Instead the #AntiSpyBill videos seem to have been used as more of a self promotional tool than an actually attempt to counter the growing influence of the GCSB in New Zealand.

What she says she believes in and what she does doesn't match up.

She professes to have backed the Internet Party from the start but was never a member until 2017 and when she became the Leader of the Party and she then forced out other executive members including one that had loaned her $8000. Unable to continue as Leader due to the Electoral Act she then appeared as President although the same law disallowed her.

Despite professing to believe in and back the Internet Party, her actions were then to bring it to a almost full stop in New Zealand and gut the membership and executive. Sabotaging the party standing against the security services is very strange behaviour for someone who says they tried to assassinate her.

Publicly she says she supports journalism and whistle-blowing but when applied to herself she tried to use the law to suppress criticism.

Publicly she says that she wants to raise money to fight the intelligence agencies but when she was led Internet Party NZ, a party founded partly to oppose the actions of those agencies, she shut the Party down with the last update to the website happening within months of her controlling the Party in 2017.

What she says her monetary situation is and what we know of it doesn't match up.

Large amounts of what Suzie does is also tagged with requests for money. Yet she sold a house in New Zealand for $780,000 and then went "traveling the world and writing about her experiences" including to Berlin, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

It is very inconsistent that a little over a year later she was "unable to work while her application is pending and donations are urgently required to sustain her young family during this time." Additionally, her lack of interest in the Internet Party without funds looks like she is only an Activist where money is available.

It has also come to light that Suzie has been refusing to pay back $8000 in personal loans given by an Internet Party member and has instead threatened him with legal action even though she was paid over $25000 by the New Zealand Government and has had well over $50,000 in bitcoin donations alone since that time.

Miss Dawson is also running a campaign called #1vs5i to raise money for herself yet she often refers to her legal team, something which would be quite expensive to have. Curiously the money raised in her 1vs5i campaign goes to an extremely exclusive law firm in New Zealand that specialises in commercial law, civil and commercial litigation, trusts, property and family.

What she says and what she knows doesn't match up.

She has inferred herself into the 88 people who were spied on illegally in New Zealand but fails to mention that probably 90% of those instances happened before she was an activist.

She says she is the President of Internet Party New Zealand but leaves out it being a de-registered party with few members left due to her actions.

She says 'Diary of a Person of Interest' is based on a talk she gave at Chaos Communications Camp but leaves out that she wasn't invited, she just booked herself a time and started talking. There may not have even been an audience.

She says she fled persecution in New Zealand yet posted that she was going on vacation and apparently after returning claimed that someone was going to extreme lengths to shut her up.

She says she supports whistle blowing yet when faced with criticism within the Internet Party shut it down and then tried to use lawfare to remove it from the Internet.

The common factor in all these cases is that she says something to promote herself but leaves out the truth of the matter creating an extremely false impression.

Her choice of country for asylum doesn't make sense.

She says she is being targeted for assassination for being a journalist and then moved to a country ranked 149/180 for press freedom with a long history of journalists dying. She says that she is against mass surveillance and then moves to a country with mass surveillance and started promoting it.

She says she applied for asylum in Russia on September 29, 2016 which then should have taken three months to process yet almost three years later she is asking for money to help her apply again.

There also appears to be no reason for her to seek asylum. No serious proof of persecution has ever been shown by her.

The dichotomy of her adversaries doesn't make sense.

On the one hand she paints the intelligence agencies as uber powerful, immoral organisations that control the world and on the other hand they are unable to assassinate a single person after multiple attempts, behave like children leaving notes to taunt her and use massive amounts of time, money and personnel to track her around the world for no particular reason.

I could go on...

And I could, but this is the quick version. :)

Look, the short answer about Suzie Dawson is that she isn't who she says she is. Her actions don't match her words or professed morals. I consider her to be a fraud and a liar. Anonymous Scandinavia seems to think she is a fake. But, I expect you will make up your own mind. Please question what you are told about her (including this) or by her. It is amazing how fast her stories start to fall apart when questioned,

Mason Bee

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